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Ham (2 Subs)

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Two whole subs

Ham Sub- Sliced Ham with Swiss cheese. Topped with Lettuce and freshly cut onions and tomatoes! Pickle Barrel signatures sauce and seasonings on the side!


Cold Sandwiches will be prepared with Lettuce, onions,tomatoes and Italian seasoning.  The Mayonnaise, mustard and our Special sauce will be in containers on the side

The Cold sandwiches are wrapped, foiled and placed in a plastic bag and sealed tightly.

The Hot sandwiches will be prepared with the meat mixture fully cooked and placed in a container.  The bread will be separate from the meat mixture and wrapped, foiled and sealed tightly in a plastic bag.

The sandwiches will be placed in an insulated box liner, placed in a shipping box that is lined with dry ice.

Shipping & Returns

All Orders Shipped Every Monday

All orders must be placed by 3pm Sunday to be shipped the next day on Monday. If the order is received after 3pm Sunday, it will not go out until the following Monday

Everything shall be shipped via UPS by either Next Day or Second Day.


All products will be shipped and packed in Integritemp Thick Styrofoam coolers.  Products will be packed in sealed plastic wrap and placed between 2 sheets of Technice dry ice sheets.  The Cooler will then be placed in a sealed shipping box.